All the cells within our bodies require a good blood supply containing nutrients that are required for growth and repair. Our cells are continually breaking down and repairing, Sports Massage aids this process by helping to eliminate debris from tissue damage or inflammation and by increasing blood flow to help repair the tissues.

Myofacial Release and Trigger Point Pressure techniques may be used within your treatment along with Medical Acupuncture and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage to provide you with the specific treatment you require.

Sports Massage Benefits

Sports Massage would benefit clients that exercise regularly preventing injury and should be included as part of your regular training programme. For those less active, who drive at work or work at a PC for many hours sports massage can help neck and back tension.

Initially a course of regular sports massage may be required treat your injury this can then be followed up with regular maintenance to prevent reoccurrence. Many injuries are caused by either overuse, muscle imbalances or poor posture.

Preventing Future Injury

Treating the cause of the injury through stretching, strengthening and Pilates based core exercises in addition to sports massage aids the treatment and prevents re-injury. Exercises and Stretches may be recommended during your sports massage treatment for home use.

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