Sports Massage & Sports Therapy Glasgow

Caroline has been an experienced Fitness Professional since 1997 and a qualified Sports Therapist since 2002.

Using this experience she uses a combination of Sports Massage, Medical Acupuncture, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage and Kinesiology Taping to provide her clients with complete service.

Caroline is based within Distinction Health & Beauty.

Treatments are available in 30 Minutes, 60 Minutes and 90 Minute Sessions depending on the area required. Treatments can be booked directly at Distinction Health & Beauty.

Sports Massage Scotland

Sports Massage Glasgow

Sports Massage would benefit clients that exercise regularly preventing injury and should be included as part of your regular training programme. For those less active, who drive at work or work at a PC for many hours sports massage can help neck and back tension.

Medical Acupuncture Glasgow

Generally Medical Acupuncture will be used in conjunction with manual therapy techniques such as Sports Massage.

Medical Acupuncture does not claim to treat everything as each treatment is tailored to the specific requirements of the patients and the treatment plan.

Medical Acupuncture Scotland

Sports Taping Scotland

Kinesiology Taping Glasgow

Kinesiology Tape is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for musculoskeletal injuries. It provides support and stability without restricting movement, ideal for allowing continued participation in sporting activities.

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